Bob McMichael Consulting

Growing small businesses

Bob McMichael Consulting

Bob McMichael Consulting is a full-service marketing agency based in Boise, Idaho.

What we do

We provide a complete range of integrated services including advertising, website development, Internet marketing, and public relations. We succeed by using an approach combining expert market research, strategic planning, creative development, and campaign production.

We are committed to creating successful marketing programs and brand identities for clients across a variety of industries. Our mission centers on small businesses which might have been squeezed out of the most up-to-date marketing services because of the cost of doing business with larger agencies. We know small businesses, have experienced the growing pains, and have learned – often the hard way – how to provide the most cost-effective marketing methods and branding for smaller businesses that want to grow.

Equally comfortable with business-to-business, business-to-consumer, and nonprofit advertising, we use creative and flexible strategies tailored to the realities of small businesses. For example, if you don’t have anyone in your organization to maintain your website, we can do that for you. We specialize in creating excellent, solid, and brand-focused content, in addition to managing all the technical requirements for broadcasting it to your targeted markets. As new opportunities (and technologies) emerge, we keep a close eye on the advertising mechanisms that will work best for you and continually adjust our approach to better meet your needs.